Monday, 4 July 2011

A Weekend of Two Weddings..........

            I started writing this post more than a week ago but didn't manage to complete it. I was just too tired.... So today, come what may, I'm  going to post it!

          Three weekends ago was a busy one for my family, including my  extended paternal family, as we attended two weddings in Malaysia. We left on Friday morning, hoping to avoid any traffic jam at the Tuas Checkpoint. Alhamdullillah, the  drive through the checkpoint and on the  NS highway on Friday  was a breeze. We stopped at the Ayer Keroh  overhead bridge rest stop (I've never seen the place so peaceful...) for lunch and reached Seremban just in time for my husband and father to go  to  the Seremban State Mosque for the Friday prayers.

           In Seremban, we attended  Fairuzzabadi and Ros Aida's wedding dinner on Saturday night. The groom's parents are my cousins. It was quite a grand wedding. Not sure how many guests were there, but all the tables in the big hall were filled up.

                    The good thing about having a wedding dinner is  all the guests came at about the same time. So I was able to meet  many relatives, both Singaporeans and Malaysians. We exchanged greetings and caught up on the latest gossips...... My father was quite busy mingling with our relatives!

          As usual, for any wedding, besides the groom and bride, the wedding cake was also the center of attraction. What a beautiful cake! It was made by the super talented Nahdzah, the groom's cousin. She wasn't at the wedding as she was in Sydney to up her skills in cake decorating at the Planet Cake Decorating School. You go girl! See more of her amazing creations on her blog  CUPCAKES.COM.MY.

          Right after breakfast on Sunday morning, we headed for Kuala Lumpur for my cousin, Husni, and his bride, Maiza's wedding. Theirs was held at the groom's residence in Lembah Keramat.

           We were there early, so it was pretty quiet at first. But as the day goes by,  more guests turned up. But my boys were already restless after we were there for about 4 hours.  So we left after the photo-taking session.

          Like all Singaporeans, one important agenda  we have whenever we are in Malaysia is to eat. Eat we did to our heart's content!! (Oh.... now I remember why I was so tired after our return. Besides the usual errands and more as school was reopening, I also went to the gym 4 times that week! That was more than my usual 2 to 3.) When we were in Seremban,  my brother, the explorer, brought us to the famous Haji Shariff's Cendul  outlet.

          The shop was super clean, the service was fast and friendly and the food was really, really good! It makes many versions of  cendul. The ones I can remember are cendul jagung, cendul pulut and cendul campur. It also sells rojak and mee rojak. We each had a bowl of the regular cendul. My brother and husband also had the cendul campur. The mee rojak ( or was it rojak mee....) is actually  yellow noodle mixed with the usual fritters, served with the rojak gravy. Yummy........

Cendul and Mee Rojak

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