Sunday, 31 March 2013

Cendol Pudding

I made cendol pudding yesterday.. just wanted to use up the big packet of cendol left in the fridge for almost a month. Besides, the weather  has been almost unbearably humid.... so I made this cool  dessert for my family's weekly gathering at my mum's place. 

This recipe has already been used by many bloggers. It's a goood recipe.... moderately sweet & rich, but that's after adding more water to the recipe, because I prefer slightly soft pudding. I added 100ml more water for each layer. 

Cendol Pudding

Bottom layer:
500ml water - I used 600ml
180g caster sugar
300ml thick coconut milk
10g agar-agar powder
500g cendol
1 pandan leave (torn) - I added.
  1. Combine water, agar-agar powder, pandan leave & sugar in a pot & boil. 
  2. Add in coconut milk & salt & keep stirring until mixture boils slightly. 
  3. Remove pandan leave & add in cendol & stir. Pour into a pan (10x10 inch) or jelly mould. Leave aside until jelly is set. Once set, gently scratch top of layer with fork. 
-wet mould with water before pouring jelly mixture so that it's easy to remove jelly when it's set.
- you may also line pan with plastic if using square, rectangle or round pan.
- while waiting for the bottom layer to set, prepare top layer.
- I placed mould in a tray & poured ice cold water to accelerate the cooling & hardening process since the bottom layer was still soft when the mixture for top layer was ready.

Top layer:
500ml water - I used 600ml
200g palm sugar (gula melaka)
300ml thick coconut milk
10g agar-agar powder
1 egg yolk - slightly beaten
1 pandan leave - I added.
salt to taste
  1. Combine palm sugar, pandan leave & part of water in a pan. Heat up until sugar dissolves. Strain the sugar solution.
  2. Combine sugar solution, agar-agar powder & the remaining water in a pot & heat up until mixture boils.
  3. Combine coconut milk, egg yolk & salt. Mix until well blended. Remove pandan leave.
  4. Pour coconut milk mixture into the pot of jelly mixture & continue heating & stirring until it boils slightly.
  5. Remove from heat & pour mixture gently onto the first layer. Set aside  to cool. Chill before serving.

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