Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What??? Tomato ketchup?

I don't believe it! I've only seen jam and honey is these elegant little bottles,  not tomato ketchup!! The company, tiptree, traditionally produces jams and honey. Now I know they also produce tomato ketchup. Come to think of it, it's quite logical since it has huge fruit farm and tomato ketchup is a staple for many. So there's a huge market for it.

My husband got these bottles on his recent trip to Amman. They were served to the customers in a cafe at the hotel he was staying. He just had to bring home to show me coz he knows I've never seen this before. He asked the staff at the cafe for extra bottles for him to take away. And the staff nice.

The kind of eating places I go to only serve tomato ketchup like these..... goes to show the kind of eating places i go to versus the ones hubby gets to go to. This hotel must be  one which has many stars!  Anyway, I still have the bottles of ketchup on my bedroom dresser.... not sure I'm going to consume it in the near future! Hehe..

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