Sunday, 7 August 2011

Brownies Putu Ayu

          I would like to wish my Muslim readers a blessed Ramadan. May all of us be blessed with good health to carry out the long list of duties. Time really flies, today is already the 7th day of fasting..... Since I was home most of the day, I managed to prepare 2 desserts for iftar & a cake for Eid. Yes, I've started my baking. For me, weekends are very precious, especially this weekend as it's going to a long one(well, almost...). Monday is a short working day, Tuesday is the National Day holiday  followed by a school holiday on Wednesday.

          The first dessert I prepared is Brownies Putu Ayu. This recipe is by Mdm Fatmah Bahalwan from NCC. When I first saw this dessert, I  was excited as I really wanted to know how it tasted like....the chocolate & coconut combination is really interesting. After tasting it, I must say the chocolate flavour is quite overpowering...maybe it's because I used Varlhona chocolate. I'll reduce the cooking chocolate the next time I make this Putu Ayu.

4 eggs
150g granulated sugar
1 tsp cake emulsifier (I used ovelette)
½ tsp salt

100g medium protein flour (cake flour)
25g cocoa powder ( I used Varlhona)

100g margarine, melted (I used butter)
60g dark cooking chocolate, melted (I used Varlhona dark chocolate)
1 tbsp  black forest chocolate paste (I used chocolate emulco)

200g grated coconut
½ tsp salt
1 pandan leave, tied to a knot (I added)

  1. Grease Putu Ayu moulds lightly. Set aside.
  2. Combine D and steam until  hot. 
  3. Put 1 tbsp of steamed grated coconut into mould & press hard. Set aside.
  4. Combine A in a mixing bowl and beat until thick. Add in B & mix thoroughly. Combine C & mix thoroughly. Then add to the egg & flour mixture.
  5. Pour mixture into prepared moulds. Steam for 15 minutes on high fire.
  6. Remove from moulds & leave to cool before serving.


Anonymous said...

Cute mini...May i know where u got the moulds from? Can it also be used in the over?

Faeez said...

Those are plastics so you cannot use them in the oven. I don't remember exactly where I bought them from but you can get them from shops that sell kitchenware here in Singapore. I might have bought them at Joo Chiat Complex. Ask for putu ayu moulds. I hope this infomation helps. Please leave a message here if u have any more questions.

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