Wednesday 26 October 2011

Happy Deepavali.....

            To all my Hindu readers, I would like to wish you a Happy Deepavali! Hope you had a  joyous celebration today.  It sure was a beautiful Deepavali morning. I was at East Coast Park with my husband & the boys. The weather was beautiful.......sunny & breezy,  just perfect for an outdoor activity. 

              We were there at about nine, so there was no problem finding a good spot to park our stuff. While the boys swam & played for almost 2 hours, I just relaxed on the mat..... I read, played with my phone, snapped some pictures & most of the time, just did people watching....  The crowd became thicker as the clock past 10. One thing I noticed was, there was visibly more very young kids with their parents. They were noisy but, strangely, pleasant. It's not the kind of noise often made by rowdy youngsters..... The beach was colourful too as there were many brightly coloured beach toys!

           We had lunch at home. Rested for a while & then I was up & about again...... went to the market to get some ingredients for dinner, came back & started preparing dinner.

           It's Deepavali, so dinner was naan, chicken tandoori & vegetarian korma! Recipes coming soon..... not tonight.... I'm dead tired. Have a good night.

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