Sunday 8 January 2012

Kuih Bakar Kentang

Although I was busy driving around running errands in the morning, I managed to make Kuih Bakar Kentang. I've been thinking of having this traditional kuih, the one without potatoes. But since I've bookmarked this recipe when  I first saw it on Dj's blog DapurKu SaYang, I thought today is a good time to try it out.

I love this kuih. It's rich but not too sweet. The mixture was slightly thick so I had difficulty straining it. So I added more milk. I also added pandan juice for a more fragrant kuih.

Kuih Bakar Kentang
Source: DJ & Kak Asmah
2 potatoes (cooked & mashed)
1 egg
2/3 cup castor sugar
1 cup plain flour
1 cup coconut milk
juice from 3 pandan leaves (I added.)
1/3 tbsp ghee - melted (I used 1 tbsp.)
3 tbsp evaporated milk (I used 4 tbsp fresh milk.)
yellow colouring
sasame seeds

  1.  Mix egg & sugar. Add flour & coconut milk & mix thoroughly. Strain.
  2. Pour mixture onto mashed potato & mix until well blended. Finally, add ghee & colouring & mix thoroughly.
  3. Grease baking pan. Pour mixture into pan & sprinkle sesame seeds. Bake for about 30 minutes.


Ribbon and Circus said...

Salam feez,

Saw ur link at KG and quickly clicked it. Hihi nice space you have here..

I need to ask where did you get that baking pan with mixes shape in above pic? Cantek.

Faeez said...

Thnks for dropping by. I used Nordic Ware bundt Tea cake & candy mold which I bought from ToTT store. It's at Dunearn Rd. Love NW bundt pans & Totts too. Jaga2 bila pegi sana, nanti semua u nak beli!haha!

Sharifah said...

Hi Faeez. You have a great blog; I enjoyed browsing through the recipes.
I think I would like to try to make this. What oven temperature should I use? Thanks.

Faeez said...

Sharifah, thanks for dropping by! I think you should give this recipe a try. I like this kuih better than the traditional one which doesn't use potato. I baked them at 180 deg C but you may have to adjust the temp because, as you may be aware, different ovens have different real temperature even though the temperature set is the same. Another thing, if you are using a baking pan, you may need to bake slightly longer. Happy baking & let me know how it turned out. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi faeez,
Ur mini kuih bakar kentang looks really cute!
I have the same mould, too! Nak try recipeni ! Can u advise whether have to preheat the Nordicware mold 1st before u add the batter? ( ie macam buat kuih bahulu?)
How many pieces can u make - 1 loyang?


Faeez said...

I love cute stuff..hehe. Don't u love this mould... I didn't heat it up before adding the batter, didn't even grease it. I think I made 1 loyang.. I shd hv taken note eh.... i'll do that next time I make this. Feel like making again after looking at the pic. Teringat pulak berapa sedapnya kuih ni...:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Faeez,
Thks for the info! Yalah - I also luv this mould. So far I use it to make jelly, now i can also make kuih pulak! The details on ur kuih came out so nicely! Hopefully, when i try - mine can be as nice.


Mel said...

Do you know what is the name for this baking pan? I couldn't search find it the nordicware website. I know you have bought it at Tott.

Faeez said...

Mel, I used the Platinum Bundt Tea Cakes & Candies Pan. You can find it in NW website.

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