Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Time to Celebrate........


           My son, Amir, recently completed reading the Quran. Alhamdullillah...(All praise is due to Allah.) And in conjunction with this occasion, I decided to prepare the traditional Yellow Glutinous Rice ( Pulut Kunyit or Pulut Kuning in Malay). The last time I made this was in November last year to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary which also fell on Eid Al-Adha

             I made the small ones for his classmates and the bigger ones for family members. Usually, I cook chicken or meat curry dish to accompany the glutinous rice. But this time, I decided to cook Beef Rendang because the dish is dry, so it is easier to top it on the rice.

           Everyone in his class gets a set of Pulut Kunyit and Oreo Banana Muffin. Hope the kids like it!

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