Sunday 8 April 2012

Bingka Ambon

On Friday, my cousin's son  got married. The solemnization ceremony was held at the Sultan Mosque after which we all proceeded to my cousin's place for a feast. Then last night, we attended the sit-down wedding dinner in a hall. We, the relatives,  didn't have to do much....  just sat & ate & mingled a little bit while the singers & dancers entertained the guests.

It was different when the groom's mother got married 30 years ago. Back then, the spirit of gotong-royong was so alive! All the relatives were busy helping out with the preparations...  decor, food & all...  & both the solemnization ceremomy & wedding dinner were held at my consin's place. They were held on a  wet Christmas night... we were all drenched as we helped to serve the guests. That was one unforgettable wedding.......

In the spirit of gotong-royong, I made kuih bingka ambon, an Indonesian kuih, for the feast on Friday. Recently, Ayu of Curlybabe's Satisfaction made this kuih & when I saw her picture, I couldn't wait to make it myself. So last week, I tested the recipe & was very happy the kuih turned out beautifully. That inspired me to make some for the gathering. Just look at the beautiful honeycomb texture.......

Some things to take note of... When I first tested the recipe, I used instant coconut milk from the box (200ml & added water). For the second atttempt, I used thick freshly-squeezed coconut milk (300ml). I like the ones using fresh coconut milk better as the bingka is richer & shinier, as you can see in the pictures. I also added 60g more sugar for my second attempt as I like my kuih slightly sweeter. If you want to try this kuih, you may want to try half recipe first as one recipe can make about 100 pieces.

Bingka Ambon
Original recipe from Majalah Sedap Bil 18 Vol 2 2009

For yeast mixture:
100g plain flour
125 ml water
1 packet instant yeast

Other ingredients:
300 ml coconut milk from 1 coconut - I used thick, freshly-squeezed coconut milk.
1/2 tsp tumeric powder - I used yellow colouring.
15 kafir lime leaves, aka daun limau purut (torn)
2 lemon grass (cushed) - I didn't use
2 pandan leaves
1 tsp salt
300g sugar (I added 60g more.)
225g tapioca flour
25g glutinous rice flour
7 whole eggs

  1. Combine all ingredients for yeast mixture. Mix thoroughly & leave aside for 15 minutes.
  2. Combine coconut milk, tumeric powder, kafir leaves, lemongrass, pandan leaves, salt & sugar in a pot & cook, stirring continuously, until mixture boils. Remove from fire & strain mixture. Set aside 450ml.
  3. Combine tapioca & glutinous rice flour. Add in yeast mixture & mix using hand whisk or cake mixer.
  4. Add in egg one at a time & continue mixing.
  5. Add in warm coconut mixture in several additions. Continue mixing for about 15 minutes. Leave mixture aside for 2 hours.
  6. Heat up Kuih Lumpur mould (I used Kuih Bahulu mould.) on  a stove using low fire & grease it by rubbing it with fresh coconut until the mould is oily. Then remove the coconut & wipe the mould clean with  a cloth. (I just greased it using cooking oil.)
  7. Pour mixture into the mould until 3/4 full. (Stir mixture thoroughly before pouring.)
  8. Once  little holes start to form on the surface of the bingka, cover the mould. Leave to cook for few  minutes.
  9. Remove bingka from mould & repeat process.
Read here for my Bingka Ambon Durian recipe.


Sammie said...

oh my goodness! One of my favourite kuihs! I really love this! What an awesome job you did! The honeycomb texture is beautiful! And I love how you use bahlu mould for this. yummy!

Faeez said...

This is your favourite? Great! Now you can try making it yourself. It's not so difficult. Do let me know when you've made them.

Ayu said...

Assalam Faeez,
wow!!!!! really impressedlah..
cantiknya you bakar dalam acuan baulu pun boleh !!!!!...thank you dear for trying and taking the risk bakar dalm acuan baulu ni..minta izin I would like to link your entry yang ini to my bika ambon posting tu ya so that people also can try using acuan baulu ni..thanks so much also for the welcoming words..really apprcieate it so much..

Faeez said...


I'm impressed too...hehe. Thank you for inspiring me to try this recipe. As for the link, of course I don't mine.Thank you very much! :)

HomeKreation said...

Salam Faeez. Along pun dah buat. TQ for reinspiring me...haha.

Faeez said...

Waa'lakumsalam Along.

Don't mention... Tulah bagusnya berblogging, kita saling inspire-mengispire...hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi faeez,
Can u please advise
- did u use tapioca starch ( tepung ubi? ) in above recipe? Or tepung sagu like the original recipe in ayu's blog?
- 1 pkt yeast weight in gms?


Faeez said...

Susana, I used tapioca starch. 1 pkt of yeast is 11g.

Anonymous said...

Thks for the info! :)


Lee said...

This looks wonderful, I wanted to try but realised in step 4 you set aside 450ml of coconut mixture. I thought your recipe only have 300 ml of milk?

Faeez said...

Hi Lee, thks for dropping by. The 300ml is only coconut milk whereas 450ml is the milk & sugar solution. Hope this clarifies....

Lee said...

Oh I see. Thanks for clarifying. :-)

Anonymous said...

want to ask
yeast mixture tu kakak gne plain flour tu tpung ape?

Faeez said...

Plain flour atau all purpose flour tu tepung gandum,

LY, H and our latest addition Master A said...

Hello, is it possible to put it in the oven or maybe use pan instead of the mould on the stove?

Faeez said...

Hi LY Tan,
I've tried using a pan & baking in the oven a few times but the ambon did not turn up as good as the ones baked on the stove.

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