Monday 7 May 2012

Oreo Strawberry Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake is one cake that I've not baked for a long time. Again, the last time was during my cake-baking course at BITC  when I had a lot of practice making a couple of flavours. Recently, when I saw Sonia's beautiful Pumpkin Chiffon Cake & then Rima's interesting Blueberry Oreo Chiffon Cake, the urge to bake  chiffon cake returned...... And since my kids love strawberry flavour & oreo cookies, I thought I'd try Rima's recipe first to bake Oreo Strawberry Chiffon Cake. I'm pleased it  was a hit with my family, including my siblings & their families!

During the baking class back then, I remember the challenge that my classmates & I faced in trying to produce a perfect chiffon cake was the beating of the meringue. I remember some friends had to  throw away their meringue when it became too stiff. So I was quite anxious how my meringue would turn out this time....

True enough, the minute I stopped whisking the meringue, I knew that I'd over beaten it. So it was quite a challenge to fold it into the egg yolk mixture without over mixing them. I refrain myself from over mixing the mixture & the result is, a chiffon cake with quite a bit of large air holes..... not so pretty for a chiffon cake. I could even see some white speckles which I think were the meringue left uncombined with the egg yolk mixture. 

As far as taste is concerned, I discovered that it depends on when it's eaten. When I had my first bite about 2 hours after taking it out from the oven, I thought it was quite sweet & the strawberry flavour was quite mild. My sister commented that it was quite dry, 'not as moist as the one from Prima Deli'. For someone who has not eaten store-bought chiffon cake for a long time, I thought the texture was alright.... However the next day, the overall flavour & texture improved. It was not as sweet & the strawberry flavour was more intense (although I would add more strawberry paste the next time) & it was definitely more moist. Overall, I agree with Rima, this recipe is awesome!

Strawberry Oreo Chiffon Cake
Inspired by Rima
Recipe from Chiffon Cake Mini by Dapur Aliza

6 egg yolks
100g strawberry yogurt
150g flour
4g baking powder
100g caster sugar
3g salt (about 1/2 tsp)
100g vegetable oil

6 egg whites
1g cream of tartar
100g sugar
50g oreo cookies – cut into tiny pieces (I used regular oreo, filling removed.)
strawberry paste & pink colour

1. Preheat oven to 150deg C.
2. Whisk egg yolk with sugar until pale in colour. Add in yogurt & oil. Then add in sifted flour, baking powder & salt. Finally, add in flavouring & colour.
3. In another clean & dry bowl, whisk egg white with cream of tartar till foamy. Slowly add in sugar a little at a time & continue whisking until soft peak.
4. Scoop 1/3 meringue into egg yolk mixture & fold in gently & lightly . Once combined, pour egg yolk mixture into meringue & continue to mix gently & lightly.
5. Pour half of the mixture into a 22cm tube pan & sprinkle half of oreo cookies. Then pour the rest of mixture & sprinkle the rest of the oreo cookies.
6. Bake for about 50 minutes. Once baked, remove pan from oven, overturn it & leave to cool completely. Remove cake from pan & slice to serve.


Ayu said...

Assalam Faez, waduh memang gebus gebas kita tengok chiffon u ni..egg tart kat bawah ni pun nampak sedap sangat..although kita tak berapa sangat with egg tart, but hubby cakap dia makan egg tart, only thing i have never tried doing it myself..boleh masuk list lah..

Faeez said...

Waa'laikumsalam Ayu,
sebab dia gebus, senanglah nak makan.... ringan aje. Egg tart tu memang sedap, tapi tiap kali ngap, teringat pulak tuan kolestrol... hehe.

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