Sunday 10 July 2011

Is that macaron or sandwich cookie.........?

          I've tasted macarons before but I thought they were too sweet. So never really wanted to bake them until I saw Rima's 4th giveaway challenge. I thought this challenge was a good excuse for me to try baking them for the first time. And hopefully, I'm lucky enough to win the  macaron baking sheet!

          Luckily my macarons don't have to be perfect to qualify for the I'm good! As you can see, my macarons don't look like macarons. If I don't tell you they are macarons, you'll probably think they are chocolate sandwich cookies! Never mind...... at least I tried! Thanks to Rima for giving me the incentive to try baking these. Whatever the outcome of the draw, I'm happy that I've tried. Of course, I'll be happier if I won the prize...hehe.

             I made Chocolate & Lemon Macaron and  the recipe is from Dailydelicious This lady makes very nice macarons. Even her  first try was perfect. So there's nothing wrong with her recipe.....I just have to practise baking macarons again. 

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