Tuesday 3 March 2015

Little Thumbs Up Event - March 2015

Finally, after waiting for more than a year, it's now my turn to host 'Little Thumbs Up' event for this month. Yes, it was more than one year ago when I emailed Zoe & expressed my interest to host this event. That's how popular this event is! Thank you Zoe & Mui Mui for organising this event & giving me & many other bloggers the opportunity to share our experiences through it. I'm excited & anxious as this is my first time hosting a blogger event!

I've chosen what I think is one of the most amazing fruits on earth! It's BANANA for this month's theme! We all know the long list of nutritional benefits of this fruit. Besides that, it is also cheap & is available all year round. Where food preparation is concerned, banana is so versatile that it's not only eaten raw, it's also used as an ingredient in so many dishes or desserts. That's what this event is all about.... we're going to prepare something using bananas! So bloggers, come on! Let's go bananas with BANANA!

What you should do to take part in this event:
  1. You need to prepare any type of food that has banana in it! You may cook, bake, steam, fry or simply use raw bananas  to prepare your product. 
  2. Blog about what you've prepared between 1 & 31 March 2015. Please indicate 'This post is linked to the Little Thumbs Up (March 2015 - BANANA) event organised by Zoe (Bake for Happy Kids) and Mui Mui (My Little Favourite DIY) and hosted by Faeez of BitterSweetSpicy.' in your post. Then link your post to the thumbnail link (the blue frog) provided at the bottom of this post.
  3. The recipe that you use can be your own, from cookbooks, magazines, websites or any other sources. Please indicate the source of the recipe & if it's from a  website, please provide the link.
Please note the following:
  1. Your submission must be a current and new post uploaded in the month of March 2015. Blog entries posted before this month are not accepted. 
  2. You may submit as many posts as you like by linking  them to the thumbnail link for this event. 
  3. Please feel free to display the "Little Thumbs Up" badge, as shown below, in your post. You may also get the badge from here.

I know you would not run out of ideas of what to make with bananas, but if you want to try the recipes that I've shared in my blog before, take a look here. You may also take a look at the entries submitted for this event by clicking on the frog.

Finally, please click  here to take a look at all the entries for February's event - Cocoa, which was hosted by Grace of Life can be simple.


mui mui said...

Hi Faeez,

Thank you for hosting with us. You have chosen a great theme-banana. My kids love banana.

We are looking forward to share and learn from each other. Cheers!


Zoe said...

Hurray!!!It's finally the banana month! :D

Faeez said...

Mui Mui,
Yes, I agree with you, banana makes a great theme! Hope many bloggers will join us. Thank you!

Faeez said...

Yess! Finally!! LOL!!

kitchen flavours said...

Hi Faeez,
I've linked my second banana post!

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Faeez!
I linked my Upside-Down Bananas Foster yesterday, lol...Whoops, sorry I forgot to tell you, lol...thanks for hosting...

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