Saturday, 24 September 2011

It's the time of the year ...........

          It's only the end of the second week of the 4th term, but I'm feeling the heat...........of the school examinations.'s the time of the year when kids in the primary & secondary schools as well  JCs are busy with their final preparation for the final examinations. Right this time, I must say the Primary 6 pupils, their parents & teachers' level of stress is at the highest! Come Thursday, the kids will be sitting for their first PSLE written paper. My pupils are sitting for their PSLE & so is my son, Amir. Am I stressed? Of course I am......that's also because I have pupils from 2 other levels too! Another source of stress is there are just too many school holidays for the kids. Don't get me wrong. Holidays are good.....but not around this time! Completing the syllabus & conducting revisions for the different components of the paper cause headache for teachers. So, I'll just have to keep my cool.... Lots of planning & organizing my work should help ease things up, hopefully.....

           It's been 2 weeks since my last posting. Besides work, HR visiting has also kept me busy the last weekends. So to warm up after a long break from blogging, I prepared a simple yet delicious dessert, Steamed Egg Pudding. It's very easy to make. It's even easier for me because I microwaved it instead of steaming it using a steamer.

Steamed Egg Pudding
(recipe by Mdm Hajjah Latifah Ismail from Selera Rasa Tradisional)

5 eggs
5 tbsp fine castor sugar
1 can (410g) full-cream evaporated milk
200ml water
1 tsp vanilla essence ( I used vanilla paste)
butter for greasing pan

Topping (I added):
1 can fruit cocktail (drained)


  1. Combine eggs & sugar. Whisk using a hand whisk until sugar dissolves.
  2. Add milk, water & vanilla essence & mix thoroughly.
  3. Strain mixture & pour into a greased pan. 
  4. Steam on medium heat for 20 minutes.( I microwaved it on high for 10 minutes. Then left it to stand in the microwave oven, without power, for 5 minutes.)
  5. Remove from steamer (or microwave oven) & leave to cool. Then pour fruit cocktail over pudding & chill before serving.

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