Monday 14 November 2011

Lapis Prune Ice-cream

          I wanted to bake  Lapis Prune Ice Cream for Eid last week but only managed to make Nona Manis Steamed Cake. Two days after Eid, I used up the rest of the tray of  eggs to make this cake. Actually, I've been baking this delicious cake every Aidil Fitri for the last seven years, thanks to my friend, Haslita, who never fails to place an order every year. 

          I found this recipe in a local Malay newspaper. It's by the renowned baking instructor Aini Salim.  It can also be found in her book, Hidangan Hari Raya Dari Singapura. This time round, I made some changes to the colour & flavour of the cake. In the original recipe, the batter is divided into 2 parts & green & red colouring are added to each part but I divided it into 3 parts & added vanilla paste, pandan paste & green colour & cocoa  powder into each part. Unfortunately, I could only taste the vanilla, not the pandan & cocoa. So next time I make this, I need to make some adjustments. I also did not slice the prunes as instructed in the recipe. Instead, I arranged whole prunes on every alternate layer. Next time, I'll just stick to the recipe.

Lapis Prune Ice Cream

500g butter
4 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp banana essence (I replaced this with 1/2 tsp vanilla paste.)

5 whole eggs
17 egg yolk
230g castor sugar.
1 tbsp ovelette

150g top flour (I used cake flour.)
50g vanilla ice cream powder

1 tsp vanilla paste
1 tbsp cocoa powder + 1 tbsp canola oil -mixed thoroughly ( I'll use 2 tbsp of cocoa & 2 tbsp of oil in future.)
1 tsp pandan paste + a few drops of green colouring (I'll use 2 tsp in future.)

300g prune (sliced thin & leave some whole prunes for top layer)

    1. Prepare a 10x7x3" pan. Line & grease the bottom part only.
    2. Combine A & whip until light & creamy.
    3. Combine B in a bowl & beat on high speed until light & fluffy for about 8 minutes.
    4. Add A into B & mix, preferably,  using a hand whisk.
    5. Fold in C & mix thoroughly, but do not overmix.
    6. Divide batter into 3 parts. Add vanilla paste into 1 part, pandan paste & green colouring into another & cocoa & oil mixture into the last. Mix each of the parts until well blended.
    7. Pour 2 ladles (about 100g) of cocoa batter & spread the batter evenly. Bake using top fire only, until cook for about 2-3 minutes. Remove from oven &, using a lapis cake presser, press the top layer gently. Pop any bubbles that may form.
    8. Then  pour another 2 ladles of cocoa batter, spread batter & sprinkle sliced prunes evenly. Then bake. Continue with the rest of the cocoa batter until finish, sprinkling sliced prune every alternate layer.
    9. Once done with the cocoa batter, continue with pandan batter followed by plain batter. There are 5-6 layers for each flavour. For the final plain layer, place whole prunes instead of sliced ones.
    10. Finally, once the final layer is cooked, bake the cake using top & bottom oven set at 180deg C for about 10 minutes.
    11. Remove cake from baking pan  & leave to cool on a cooling rack before cutting.


    Awayofmind Bakery House said...

    I like the kuih lapis with these beautiful layering!

    Faeez said...

    Thanks Ah Tze. Though tedious, making kuih lapis gives me a lot of satisfaction esp when it turns out well:)

    Unknown said...

    Salam Faeez,
    Read that the original recipe uses red and green colours only. May I know if any pastes are added to these colours? Thank you.


    Faeez said...

    Salam Diana, no flavouring is used, only the colour. But in the original recipe, 1 tsp banana essence is added to the whole batter, but I didn't add that. Hope this helps. Happy baking.:)

    Unknown said...

    Thank you for your prompt reply Faeez!

    Faeez said...

    No problem Diana, i happen to be online.. :)

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